Learn How to make great looking Sushi in Bristol with the great Sushi Chefs from Your Sushi™.

The many different Sushi you will create during the class will be authentic, eccentric, always yummy …and of a much higher quality than those of the big Sushi restaurant chains!

The Your Sushi ™ classes are always very personal, fun and very hands on … and nibbling is of course compulsory!

We hold our Sushi Workshops in the Bristol’s Park Street Cafe or at Bordeaux Quay, with Chefs Kiyoko Hay, Hiroto Ayashi & Chef Manu Letellier.

Bristol – “Let’s Roll ” Sushi Classes

Learn the basic Sushi rolling Skills…This course is a great introduction for all sushi lovers and anyone with an interest in Sushi making!

Bristol – “Master Chef ” Sushi Classes

Perfect for those who are looking to impress with their ability to make great Sushi at home as for the ones who want/need to save a lot of money by making their own!

Your Sushi in Bristol

Park Street Cafe
11 Park Street