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Your Sushi Party at Home

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Your Sushi Party at Home

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The Sushi Party at home is perfect for those who are more serious about Sushi. Party between friends or a Sushi hen night in style!

The Sushi lesson is usually held in your home and will cover thoroughly every aspects of Sushi making best practices in a 2-3 hours session, leaving you with a lot of Sushi.

The Sushi Making Party is from 5 to 30 friends or more. It is a very fun and dynamic event and we always make sure that everyone participates.
We can also customise the class to have a competition going on or to have people taking turns if you are short of space!

During the lesson, we always make sure that you have enough Sushi to feed a full meal for every one plus guests!

The chef will come to you with everything needed and will leave you with a clean kitchen, a big smile and lots of Sushi!

We teach thousands of people how to make Sushi every year at home, at work and in our Sushi Workshops.
Our Sushi Chefs are based everywhere in the UK, we will come in your home and teach you and your friends how to make great Sushi!

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Regular Price: £475.00

Special Price: £450.00

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The advantage of private Sushi classes is that you can choose the date, time and dishes you want to learn. With the Sushi party, there is no need to feed your guests...we are taking care of it! Additional guests can be added up to 24hours before the party.

    You will learn

Sushi Workshop The Art of cooking Sushi rice
Sushi Workshop How to prepare vegetables
Sushi Workshop Sushi vegetarian toppings
Sushi Workshop How to handle raw fish
Sushi Workshop How to make a variety of sushi: Nigiri, Hoso Maki, Futo Maki, California rolls, Inari sushi...
Sushi Workshop Last but not least: Presentation skills

    You will get

Sushi Workshop A chef that will share all tricks with you.
Sushi Workshop All ingredients: top quality raw fish, non-fish fillings, nori, wasabi, rice vinegar...
Sushi Workshop A chance to ask any questions to a specialist for 3 hours
Sushi Workshop All the recipes & Guide
Sushi Workshop A lot of fun & a lot of Sushi!

We always make a very interesting variety of vegetarian sushi during the classes.
Sustainable Sushi Classes
Your Sushi promotes healthy eating and Sustainable fish in the UK.
Sustainable Sushi Classes
You will enjoy both the cooking class and of course the Sushi! Nibbling is compulsory.

Sustainable Sushi Classes

Regular Price: £475.00

Special Price: £450.00