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Teppanyaki Cookery Class

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Teppanyaki Cookery Class

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Learn how to cook
like teppanyaki chefs, with Teppanyaki chefs!

In this class you will learn the techniques of high heat cooking on a steel plate or grill. Teppanyaki is a method of quickly grilling meat, chicken, shrimp and vegetables. Teppanyaki traditionally means that the cooking and eating are done at the same location.

We'll show how to cook Meat, Fish, Prawn, Lobster, Vegs and Fried rice on a Teppanyaki Grill.

You will learn how to prepare your own delicious Teriyaki sauce and Japanese Barbeque sauce.

The class can is usually held at your premises and lasts for 4 hours.

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The Your Sushi's Teppanyaki workshops will teach you how to prepare Tepanyaki.

    You will learn

Sushi Workshop Cutting the vegetables
Teppanyaki Workshop Preparing meat and shrimp
Teppanyaki Workshop Organizing the ingredients
Teppanyaki Workshop Making dipping sauces
Teppanyaki Workshop Using direct and indirect heat
Teppanyaki Workshop Last but not least: Presentation skills & Tricks

    You will get

TeppanyakiWorkshop A professional Teppanyaki chef
Teppanyaki Workshop All ingredients: top quality meat & shrimps, vegetables, sauces...
Teppanyaki Workshop A nice Teppanyaki meal to nibble on
Teppanyaki Workshop All the recipes & Guide
Teppanyaki Workshop A lot of fun & Teppanyaki display

We always make a very interesting variety of dishes during the classes.
Sustainable Sushi Classes
Your Sushi promotes healthy eating and Sustainable fish in the UK.
Sustainable Sushi Classes
You will enjoy both the cooking class and of course the Teppanyaki!
Nibbling is compulsory.

You can also learn Teppanyaki in the comfort of your own home, with your own equipment, contact us for more info.

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