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London Sushi Class Workshop:    3:30 Hour Master Class + FREE DVD

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London Sushi Class Workshop: 3:30 Hour Master Class + FREE DVD

Join the Your Sushi Master Classes in London and learn the Sushi skills you will need to make your own perfect Sushi at home every time!

This course is great for all sushi lovers and anyone with an interest in Sushi making without necessarily being a chef!

London Sushi Cookery Class

Perfect for those who are looking to impress with their ability to make great Sushi at home as for the ones who want/need to save a lot of money by making their own!

Each class runs for 3:30/4 hours with a professional Sushi Chef teaching a small group of students all the tricks and best tips to make great Sushi, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. The Sushi you will create will be totally authentic and of a much higher quality than those of the Sushi restaurant chains of course!

This is a very 'Hands on' session and you will learn between 7-8 different types of Sushi. You will then go home a FREE Sushi Making DVD and two very full Bento boxes, Wasabi, ginger, soy sauce, chop sticks, and all the Sushi you will make during the class.

The now famous Your Sushi™ Making Guide Ebook will be sent to you immediately for FREE with your order confirmation.

You can also choose the Open Date sushi class voucher, valid for 12 months at any of the locationswhere Your Sushi operates...a perfect present for loved ones!

Free DVD with every Master Class

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Regular Price: £125.00

Special Price: £99.00

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Sustainable Sushi Classes

    You will learn

Sushi Workshop The Art of cooking Sushi rice
Sushi Workshop How to prepare vegetables
Sushi Workshop Sushi vegetarian toppings
Sushi Workshop How to prepare raw fish for nigiri Sushi
Sushi Workshop How to make a variety of sushi: Nigiri, Hoso Maki, Futo Maki, California rolls, Temaki, Inari sushi...
Sushi Workshop How to grate fresh wasabi *EXCLUSIVE TO LONDON*
Sushi Workshop Last but not least: Presentation skills

    You will get

Sushi Workshop Refreshments, Wasabi peas
Sushi Workshop The freshest ingredients: top quality raw fish, non-fish fillings, nori, wasabi, rice vinegar, and much much more.
Sushi Workshop About £40 worth of Sushi take home in your own bento boxes.
Sushi Workshop Chop sticks, soy sauce, pickled ginger, fresh wasabi, wasabi paste.
Sushi Workshop A FREE Sushi making DVD *NEW*
Sushi Workshop A Sushi making e-guide
Sushi Workshop A lot of fun & a lot of Sushi!

We always make a very intersting variety of vegetarian sushi during the classes.
Sustainable Sushi Classes
Your Sushi promotes healthy eating and Sustainable fish in the UK.
Sustainable Sushi Classes
You will enjoy both the cooking class and of course the Sushi!
Nibbling is compulsory.

We hold our very fun & authentic Sushi Workshops at least once a month in the following venues . We also travel to your home for private classes at any time throughout the London area.  







Your Sushi in London
Tsuru Mansion House
Aldermary House
10 Queen Street
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Regular Price: £125.00

Special Price: £99.00