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Two Day Sushi Chef Training & Certification - Private Tuition

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  • Sushi Chef Certification Kitchen
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  • Sushi Chef Certification
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Two Day Sushi Chef Training & Certification - Private Tuition

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Take your Sushi skills to the next level with YourSushi’s Professional Chef Training Program.

Committed to innovation, Your Sushi offers aspiring Sushi chefs a comprehensive training program that is accessible throughout the UK.

Suited to individuals across a broad range of training backgrounds - entrepreneurs, private chefs, chefs working on chartered yachts, chefs in the restaurant and catering business – this course is designed, with its limited class size of 6, to cater to the specific needs of each student.

The regular two day program which is held once a month in London is designed to prepare individuals to meet high level industry standards and be able to perform with confidence.

All of our professional Sushi chef trainings are lead by Sushi chef instructors with more than 30 years experience working in high end rosette & Michelin star Sushi restaurants. Your Sushi’s professional instructors are extremely passionate, and act as mentors to those that undertake the program, offering support and inspirational guidance to all those that they train.

Upon completion of the program, you will receive a Certificate along with a professional Sushi cost calculator ideal for any independent UK Sushi business.

We can also provide you with financing for the training as we are here to help and build a relationship with you ...simply call us!

Minimum training period is 2 days. However, please note that additional days can be added.

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Sushi Chef catering training Calendar

Note: This is an example of a typical training schedule. Because the group is very small, we can cover anything you want if you have any requirements, simply ask!

Intensive advanced training: Day1

  • Introduction and the history of Japanese cooking
  • Japanese ingredients, sauces, and stock
  • Japanese cooking utensils and knives
  • How to sharpen and maintain Japanese knives
  • Ike-jime: how to properly prepare the fish
  • How to clean the fish and properly remove the head and pectoral areas
  • 3-part and 5-part filleting
  • The preparation of garnishes and dipping sauces
  • How to slice the sashimi using the Hira-zukuri, Sogi-zukuri, and other methods
  • Preparing and cutting of vegetables for sushi
  • Basic sushi rice preparation
  • Basic traditional roll making
  • Special rolls making  (hosomaki, tekkamaki, kappamaki, uramaki)
  • How to make katsuramuki for sashimi
  • How to make Tamago (Japanese omelette)
  • Basic preparation of Japanese salads
  • How to make miso soup

Intensive advance training: Day two

  • Live fish, shrimp and Scallops preparation
  • New styles of Special rolls
  • Sushi bar operation
  • Preparation of Roll-sushi, and its modern variations
  • Preparation of Nigiri-sushi, essence of sushi skills
  • Traditional Edomae-sushi and Hako-sushi
  • California Fusion dishes, New style sashimi dishes
  • Tsutsumi-sushi, Chirashi-sushi and Temaki-sushi etc
  • Preparing and marinating fish and clams
  • Visually effective sushi decoration and garnish
  • Visually effective sashimi decoration and sauces

Extra days (Extra cost paid separately)

Day 3

Sushi Business Efficiency program is aimed at running a Sushi business, finding best suppliers, cutting costs and increasing margins as well as a lot of Sushi business related knowledge and applications to successfully run a Sushi venture or a takeaway sushi business.

Day 4

Sushi Restaurant Excellence training is dedicated for those opening a Sushi restaurant and wanting to offer high end quality Sushi and stunning displays to their clientele.


Once your order has been placed, we will contact you to confirm everything.


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- Hangiri & Sushi mat
- Sushi cost calculator
- Sushi notes & DVD
- Products supplies listing

Sushi Chef Certification

The training can also be held at your premises for one or several chefs over a suitable time - Discounts available for block bookings.