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Learn how to make Sushi DVD

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Learn how to make Sushi DVD

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Manu Letellier Sushi Making DVD

Calling all Sushi lovers:

This step by step guide will teach you all the tips and tricks you’ll need to make top class Sushi in your own home. Presented by Manu Letellier, the charismatic and charming Sushi lover, whose passion and practical approach will inspire and give you the confidence to produce amazing Sushi you’ll be proud to serve to your family and friends.

And Manu’s approach to Sushi is definitely unique. Brought up in his family’s restaurant in La Rochelle, South of France, Manu has fused the beauty and simplicity of Japanese cooking with the flair and exuberance of French cuisine, resulting in Sushi creations that will amaze and inspire.

So get ready to sharpen your knife, season your rice, saute your crepe’s (yes … Manu does use crepes to roll his sweet sushi) and let the Sushi adventure begin!

Let’s Make Sushi: The Menu

- Getting started
- Shopping with Manu
- The fishmonger
- Preparing the rice
- Hosomaki Sushi
- Futomaki Sushi
- Temaki Sushi
- Nigiri Sushi
- Sweet Sushi
- And Manu’s variations including veggie options …

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